General conditions

Axell Logistics

Parts of Axell Logistics are the following companies:

  • Timmermans Transport B.V.
  • Timmermans Logistics B.V.
  • Timmermans Expeditie B.V.



The service will be subjected to:

  • For national transport the AVC conditions, latest version;
  • For international transport the CMR conditions, latest version;
  • For storage & logistics the LSV conditions, latest version;
  • Expedition the Dutch expedition conditions, latest version.



  • Cars may be loaded up to 25 tons within the Benelux. Rest of Europe upon request. Any costs resulting from overloading of our trailers will be borne by the consignor / principal.
  • Our rates are based on availability, unless agreed otherwise.
  • Rates are based on accessibility for our normal transportation equipment on both the loading and unloading place. Cost for other transportation solutions will be fully charged to the consignor / principal.
  • The volume of transportation as confirmed on the transport documentation, will act as a minimum for our billing. When the volume of the transported goods is higher, we will customize our invoice to correct amount.
  • When specifying an incorrect transporting volume, we cannot guarantee the required space in our transportation equipment.
  • Rates are excluding island fees. These costs will be fully charged to the consignor / principal.
  • Unforeseen costs which are caused beyond the fault of Timmermans will be charged to the consignor / principal.
  • The required records and documents must be completed at the time of collection.


When booking the first assignment, the client automatically agrees to the “General Conditions 2017”



  • Unloading or loading time free:
    < 2 loading meter: 15 minutes
    < 6 loading meter: 30 minutes
    <10 loading meter: 45 minutes
    >10 loading meter: 60 minutes
  • Exceeding unloading / loading time
  • Specific delivery / loading time
  • Delivery within time windows (8-12 / 12-17)
    Forward to another or additional loading / unloading address
  • Freight refused
  • Return sender delivery
  • Cancellation <24 hours before loading
  • Saturday rates
  • Sunday rates
  • ADR surcharge


For standard rate calculation we use:


1 loading meter


1 Block pallet

The highest paying weight of the m3, loading meter or actual weight will be calculated


Transit time Benelux:

  • Delivery via Axell network, or via a selective number of partners
  • Assignment on day A (24 hours before loading)
  • Loading on day B and delivering on day C or one day after at latest. Delivery to the door.


Transit time Poland:




* Depends on volume shipment and other shipments (please contact our planning for more details)


Euro pallets exchange:

It is the responsibility of the customer to:

  • Clearly state pallet exchange on the transport documentation
  • Ensure pallet exchange guarantee at the delivery address(es)


Responsibilities of Axell:

  • The effective pallet exchange, administration and check arrangements in this regard.
  • To check the quality / type of the returned pallets
  • To provide a pallet document to give along and sign off.


Pallet exchange will be provided to you for a fee of € 1,- per pallet (transport and administrative costs). In case pallets will not be exchanged at the receiver of the goods, we will inform you, in which case the responsibility of the pallet exchange will be with the client and recipient of the goods.


Pallet exchange limited possible.


Tariff adjustment

  • Adjustment of rates according to the publications of the NEA as of January 1st
  • Cost changes due to legal measures lead to changes in the rates


Diesel clause (DOT)

The adjustments to the transportation price due to the rise in diesel prices is in the following proportions:

3 eurocent increase in average diesel price of the next quarter creates an increase of 1% of the transport price. Indexation is done at the beginning of each quarter, the current diesel price of the quarter can be found in our quotation.


Billing and payment

  • The transport, handling, and storage are invoiced per week
  • You will receive a specified invoice with the service(s) provided to you; CMRs and PODs are available on request.
  • Reclamations on the invoice within 10 days. If a reclamation is found to be incorrect, we shall invoice the time for sorting and correcting. Reclamations of one invoice item should under no circumstances affect the payment of other items on the invoice.


Payment condition: within 30 days after the invoice date, unless otherwise agreed.









day A

day A

€ 12,50 per quarter
€ 35,00 per delivery
€ 17,50 per delivery
€ 50,00 Incl. 25 km free >25 km: + € 1,50 per km

the agreed freight rate
100% of the agreed freight rate

75% of the agreed freight rate
5% upon transport price (min. € 50,- up to € 150,-)

330 kg

1.650 kg

120 cm x 80 cm x 220 cm = 0,4 lm = 660 kg

120 cm x 100 cm x 220 cm = 0,5 lm = 825 kg










Depature days

Every workday

Every workday*